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GNBL COVID-19 Safety Quick Facts
*These guidelines were established to create a safe baseball environment. GNBL reserves the right to change and modify these guidelines at any time. For further information please contact any GNBL board member. 

Quick Facts for Spring 2021: 

1. Schedule: GNBL will operate for the Spring 2021 season. Practice fields and games are currently being allocated. We will update this document once complete.

2. Waiver of Liability: Upon registering, all families are required to sign a COVID-19 Liability Waiver. These waivers will be kept in our system and are required in order to register.

3. Self-Health Assessments: Any person(s) exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms or who has come in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms are not permitted at GNBL. Symptoms may include but not limited too  cough, sneezing, fever above 100.4 deg. F. Please see the following website for a list of other symptoms: coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms Any person who has come in contact with a sick individual should refrain from visiting GNBL for 14 days. If a player exhibits symptoms it is required that the family notify the coach and/or division director of the situation. This is to ensure the safety and well being of fellow teammates/families and help prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 in our community. Confidentiality of all players will be maintained. 

4. Practice and Game Day Screening: Players must complete a COVID-19 screening form prior to entering the baseball complex. It will be the coaches responsibility to ensure all players have completed their screening.

5. COVID-19 Positive: Any participant who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, or who has a member of the household who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, will cease all participation in team activity. The family will notify the coach and Division Director of the positive test. These individuals will need to stop all activities for 14 days prior to returning.

6. Hand Washing/Temperature Check: All participants should wash their hands prior to games and practices. GNBL encourages all players to have individual hand sanitizer that is accessible throughout practices and games. Hand sanitizer should not be shared between participants. Parents are asked to take all participants and visitors temperatures prior to coming to GNBL complex. Any persons with a temperature of 100.4F or higher are not permitted at the park.

7. Masks: Per the CDC, all spectators are required to mask if they can not maintain 10ft of social distancing with non family members. It is recommended that all  coaches, umpires, and players wear masks when unable to social distance. Mask wearing is up to each individual and will not be discouraged.

8. Social Distancing: GNBL will uphold recommendations for 6-10ft of social distancing amongst participants (whenever possible) and all visitors. Visitors are asked to space themselves accordingly around the ballpark and refrain from using bleachers or picnic areas for seating as much as possible.

9. Sanitizing GNBL: GNBL board members will sanitize common areas such as picnic areas and bathrooms. These areas will primarily be sanitized during opening and closing of the park. Intermittent cleaning of these areas may be completed, but GNBL will primarily be a self sanitizing park throughout the day. Participants are strongly encouraged to have their own hand sanitizers and cleaning products if they choose to use GNBL common areas for sitting. It is our hope as a community we can work together to maintain a safe and clean environment.

10. Dugouts: Dugouts are available for team use but social distancing 
should be maintained. Participants are encouraged to mask in dugouts. It is suggested that participants place a chair behind the dugout if their family does not want them to use the dugout area. For practices, players will hang individual equipment bags on the field side of the fence with 6’ of space between bags. For games, players will hang bags behind dugouts and down fence line 6ft apart. Dugouts will be sanitized in-between games and are the responsibility of the coach or team rep to complete this task. Sanitizing cleaners will be provided by GNBL.

11. Shared Equipment: Players will not be permitted to share equipment 
with anyone outside their household. Players MUST have their own bat, helmet, glove, and water bottle. If a family is in need of equipment they should notify their coach or division director. Catchers gear will be available upon request by coaches for teams. Sanitization of this equipment is the responsibility of the coach and team. Modified rules for catchers will be implemented depending on division level based upon the phase VA is in when games begin.

12. Team Snacks and Shared Food/Drink Items: Team snacks are not 
allowed. Players must bring their own water bottles and will not share.

13. Concessions: GNBL will open concessions for all Saturday games. Please mask up, to order up. This will help protect our concession stand employees. 
GNBL has been approved by the VA Department of Health to operate and will follow all VDH and CDC guidelines for food handling and COVID-19. Use of picnic areas is at participants own risk. Self sanitizing is recommended, however, GNBL will sanitize these areas during opening and closing of the park facility.

15. Bleachers: Bleachers are available throughout the baseball complex. 
Participants and spectators will use these at their own risk. They will be sanitized by GNBL during park opening and closing.

16. Complex Cleanliness: In order to respect the safety of our board 
members, as they would have to clean up at the end of the day, all participants (players, coaches and spectators) will ensure all garbage is placed in a designated receptacle.

17. Entering/Exiting Park: In order to keep the number of people in the 
complex to a minimum, we ask that families exit the complex as soon as their game ends. There will be drop dead start and stop times for games and practices. GNBL suggests that any at-risk individuals refrain from coming to the complex.

18. Umpires: The umpires are closely monitored and are required to self 
assess prior to entering the park complex. 

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