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Each coach will nominate up to 5 players from their team to participate in the All-Star tryouts. Some things to consider when determining players to nominate.

  • Batting and Pitching statistics

  • Base running abilities

  • Fielding abilities

  • Positions played or could play

  • Situational awareness

  • Please nominate ONLY All-Star caliber players. If you have fewer than 5 that is okay as other teams may have more than 5 to round out the talent pool. If your team has more than 5, reach out to your division direct prior to sending out the nominations to your team.

*It is important that coaches be transparent with each other about the skills AND behaviors of their players and what they have observed of players on other teams.


Player selection meeting will immediately follow tryouts. All coaches should attend the player selection meeting to ensure that their player gets proper representation for their skills, abilities, and season stats. 

Each team must carry a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 14 players. 

Head coaches (assistant coach/team representative if coach is unavailable) will by blind ballot force rank their top 5 players from top to bottom. 

Point system to be used: 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point. The top 5 players receiving the most points will be selected to the All-Star team.  The same process will be utilized to select players 6-10. 

11th and 12th players for each team will be selected by the nominated Head Coach.

    In the event of a tie:

Tiebreaker: Following a discussion among coaches regarding players skill level and needs of the All-Star team, a re-vote will be taken in order to determine which player is selected. If re-vote results in another tie, All-Star coach will cast tie breaking vote.


Immediately following the selection of the 10th player All-Star Head Coach is voted using blind ballot. Head Coach will then pick two Assistant Coaches.

All coaches must be registered with GNBL 

* When determining who will become the Head Coach the following should be considered:

  • Past experience

  • Track record of success in league play

  • Observed coaching behaviors

  • Reputation in league

    In the event of a tie:

First Tie Breaker: Each interested Head Coach will present their qualifications as to why they are the best choice, and a second vote will be held.

Second Tie Breaker: Coach will be decided by a coin flip administered by the division director or board representative.

****GNBL Board of Directors will have final approval of All-Star coaches and team managers.*****


Each player will get the opportunity to showcase their skills in the following areas:

  • Running: Home to first and home to second base (runs will be timed)

  • Ground balls: Shortstop to First

  • Fly balls: Center Field with throws to Third

  • Hitting: Looking for technique and approach at the plate

  • Pitcher: 5 pitches (Mustang and above)

  • Catcher: Catch 3 pitches and throw to Second Base. (Please bring your own gear if possible)

Tryout Dates and Times to come

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