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AllStar/State Policy

All requests for refunds should be directed to the League Treasurer. $10.00 will be deducted from the registration fee to cover administrative costs.  After team uniforms have been handed out or player has been drafted to a team no refunds will be given. Email your request to our league treasurer at [email protected]. Please include your name and mailing address along with your child’s name, team, and division. 


“Make every effort to play the game.” 

  1. Field preparation is the responsibility of both teams that are playing. The home team is responsible for lining the field. The home team dugout is on the first base side.
  2. League Directors and Board Members are responsible for determining if the fields are playable or not. To avoid being charged, Umpires have to be cancelled at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time of a game. This only applies to rain outs.
  3. In the divisions that use paid umpires (Mustang, Bronco, Pony, Colt and Palomino), once a game has started only the umpire can suspend the game. If there is visible lightning, the umpires will call for a 15-minute delay and the delay will continue until no lightning can be seen for 15-minutes or until the league and the umpires agree to suspend the game for the day.
  4. When a game is underway and it starts to rain, only the umpire can suspend the game. Usually play can continue until players slip or puddles start to form on the field. Suspended games are continued from the exact point of where they left off. The home team keeps the book that counts.
  5. In both Shetland and Pinto, coaches should follow the lead of the umpires on the other fields.
  6. Notification will be sent thru Blue Sombrero as well as on the website should games be cancelled or delayed.


These restrictions are based upon the city requirements with the property surrounding GNBL.

GNBL is not liable for any towing expenses, fees and/or potential damages resulting in any towed vehicles.

  1. No Parking at any time in Virginia Beach recreation center.  Towing will be enforced.
  2. Games and practices on the day’s of Monday to Friday:
    1. Parking allowed in GNBL parking lot
    2. Cox overflow parking (next to tennis court’s)
    3. Virginia Beach City Park, (until sunset only)
  3. Games and practices on the days of Saturday and Sunday:
    1. Parking allowed in GNBL parking lot
    2. Cox overflow parking (next to tennis court’s)
  4. Decal parking for Umpires, Head coach, Coach of record and Board Members only on the grass outside of Bronco field.  Towing will be enforced in this area.
  5. There is no parking allowed at any time on the grass medians


  1. The League thanks you for helping to provide our children with the opportunity of playing baseball at these excellent facilities. Please remind your players that they need to clean up their own trash after the games.
  2. The city does NOT pick up our trash WE do. Please help out and don’t over fill or put large items in the trash cans. Extra trash bags are located in the concession stand.


The League officers shall have the authority to suspend, discharge, or otherwise discipline any player, manager, coach, League Official, or other person whose conduct is in violation of the Rules and Regulations of PONY Baseball, or the Code of Conduct, and/or is considered to be detrimental to the best interests of the League.

  1. Persons subject to such discipline shall have the right to a hearing before the organization league officers before such discipline is imposed.
  2. In the event of such a hearing involving a player, or other person under the age of 18, that person’s parents shall be invited to attend.

Persons, youth or adult, who refuse to comply with the rules of PONY baseball, or the League, may be considered for disciplinary action.

League officers may impose the one which, in their opinion, appears to match the severity of the offense.

Any manager, coach, or League official who disregards League Rules, Code of Conduct (ie. Not following the rules, arguing with the umpires, failing to return equipment, swearing, any verbal or physical abuse) may be subject to the following actions by the League:

  1. Warning. The offending person is to be advised of the offense, in writing by one of the League’s Vice Presidents, and further advised repeat of the offense shall result in a more severe penalty.
  2. Suspension. The offending person will be advised in writing that they have been suspended from all League activity for a specific number of games and/or days.
  3. Dismissal. The offending person will be advised in writing that they have been dismissed from the League for the remainder of the current year. If the penalty occurs in the Spring, that would include Fall as well.
  4. Barred. The offending person will be advised in writing that they have been barred from present and future participation in the League, permanently, or for a specific number of years.

The Board will vote as to whether or not an individual is in good standing with the League and for the term that applies. The vote will consist of 2/3rd the Board members that are present at the meeting

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